The concept of the site was to allow users to customize their Van's shoes with content and design trends specific to the culture of the local community.
Users could choose between shoes made for differen cultures in their location. For example, in Venice users could choose between skate, surf, snow, street, beat, or tattoo focused styles.
Shoes were highly customizable with colors and patterns. Users could also explore a local gallery of what other shoppers had created in their area as well as location specific content about Van's team riders and events.
All panels of the shoe are customizable, creating a seemingly infinite about of possiblities to personalize your shoes.
Additional content heroed Van's rich history and sponsorship of influential people.
Local galleries let you see what creations other customers in your area made. You could even buy one of their designs or use it as base to customize further.
In addtion to a local gallery of shoes, a local social media feed pulled in inspirational images to help you get started creating your custom colorway.
Switching to another cutlure with in your area would give you a new range of suggestions and options.
After creating a cutom shoe, users could promote their creations on socail media with sharable posters.
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